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3. Everything You Need to Know About Hedge Funds

Investing with stocks and bonds can be a risky process if you don’t have a lot of time to manage them. Hedge funds can be a much more stable and low-risk alternative.

In this episode, Stephen Rosen reveals what clients and investors should know about hedge funds, exposing the myths attached to them and outlining their benefits so you can make an informed decision about whether they might be right for you.

Stephen discusses:

  • What a hedge fund is and its origins
  • Myths attached to hedge funds
  • How hedge funds are regulated
  • Who is a good client for a hedge fund
  • And more

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Misconceptions of Taking Ownership of the Primary Home During a Divorce With Jeff Landers (Ep. 4)

During the divorce process, it is very common for the divorcing woman to want to stay in the primary home. This is a highly nuanced situation, so it’s important to consider bringing in a professional during negotiations.

In this episode, Leah Jones speaks with Jeff Landers, chief executive officer at Next Act Properties. Jeff discusses some of the creative solutions for divorcing women to consider so that they have the ability to stay in their home throughout the divorce and into the next stage of life.

Jeff discusses:

  • Why the refinancing qualification of the divorcing woman is critical
  • The option of continuation to co-own the primary home
  • The focus of his companies––and how he helps divorcing couples
  • And more

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About Our Guest: Jeff Landers, is a seasoned Real Estate expert with over 30 years of experience working with prestigious companies such as Metropolitan Life, Merrill Lynch, Coldwell Banker and others.

In 2010, Jeff founded Bedrock Divorce Advisors, LLC, working exclusively with women going through a financially complicated divorce. Dealing with the marital home is almost always a major issue in any divorce. Jeff’s strong background and know-how has guided many hundreds of women all over the U.S. through the complex process of selling their marital home or buying out their spouse and refinancing the mortgage, so they can keep and remain in their homes.

Jeff has written 6 published books with 15,000+ copies sold nationwide focusing on the financial aspects of divorce for women, as well as contributing articles regularly to, The Huffington Post, DailyWorth,,, and many other online publications.