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An Introduction to Private Equity (Ep. 8)

When it comes to investing, there are many options available.

This time the focus is on private companies with great growth potential and what we should take into consideration before investing.

In this episode, Stephen Rosen provides an overview of the private equity space, including its advantages and risks. Additionally, Stephen explains what private credit is and how it helps investment firms obtain funds.

Stephen discusses:

  • The concept of private equity and how it differentiates from investing in a publicly traded company
  • How important is it for investors to have patience in this type of investing 
  • The reason why the number of publicly traded companies has decreased over the years
  • Why most companies prefer to stay private for longer periods of time
  • The importance for investors to handle illiquidity 
  • How working with top-tier managers can be beneficial
  • Private credits and why many private investors rely on them
  • And more!

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Life After Divorce for the Financially Dependent Spouse with Kelley Edelblut (Ep. 11)

Success after a divorce can seem unachievable for a dependent spouse. It can be challenging to figure out what to do next when most of your life has been spent prioritizing everything else.

In this episode, Kelley Edelblut, Career and Leadership Coach, joins us to discuss how her divorce led her to build a career helping financially dependent women hone in on their natural abilities and core values to live a more balanced, fulfilled life. 

Kelley shares how her life changed after a divorce and what she’s learned to help others get through it.

Leah and Kelley discuss:

  • The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) assessment and how it helps with career changes
  • What to do when your career does not align with your values
  • Overcoming feeling “stuck” and not knowing what to do next
  • How to feel fulfilled in a career
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Kelley Edelbult is an experienced Career & Leadership Coach working with individuals, organizations, and executives within large organizations. Her focus with each one of her clients is to allow them to discover who they really are and facilitate a process for developing a motivational plan of action toward implementing their purpose. This process is designed to allow each client to “walk away” excited with their life ahead, and the positive change that has occurred while working to deepen their learning and achieve their goals. Kelley is able to execute this process with each client by building trust and offering them my accessible presence to help them explore new ways of thinking.


An In-depth Look at Real Estate Growth Investing (Ep. 7)

There are two ways to invest in real estate: for income or for growth.

When we talk about investing for growth, there may be many unknowns about the risk, the return that these can have, and how to execute them to maximize returns.

In this episode, Stephen Rosen continues the discussion on why investing in private real estate is so valuable to an investor’s portfolio, this time focusing on the growth type of investing and explaining some fundamental aspects like risks and strategies involved.

Stephen discusses:

  • The several ways to approach a growth strategy in real estate investing
  • Why growth shouldn’t always be associated with high levels of risk
  • The importance of patience for general land developments
  • Examples of properties that had to be redeveloped for a more lucrative use
  • The power of re-energizing a used or old property
  • High-interest rates making income investing less attractive 
  • And more!

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How to Improve Your Mindset After a Divorce with Certified Divorce Coach Sharri Freedman (Ep. 10)

Divorce is a form of trauma, and this can cause your mind and body to go into stress mode by default.

So how can you help your body and mind work together to de-stress and thrive after a divorce?

In this week’s episode, Leah Jones will be joined by Sharri Freedman to address the key components to successfully move forward before, during, and after divorce. 

As a Certified Divorce Coach and Certified Mind Magic Master Practitioner (CMMMP) 

Sharri will be sharing her legal wisdom and experience with thought work and mind body connection all with a trauma informed approach.

Sharri will discuss:

  • How mind magic can help clients improve communication and heal
  • The tools listeners can use to thrive after the trauma of a divorce
  •  Why she decided to become a CMMMP, what it is and how its helps her clients move forward before or after a divorce
  • The connection between mind, body and grief after a divorce and how listeners can improve their new norm
  • ….And so much more!


  • Potomac Coaching, LLC

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About Our Guest:

Sharri Freedman received her Juris Doctorate from The American University, Washington College of Law and her BA from Tulane University, Newcomb College. She is Licensed to practice law in both Maryland and D.C., and has practiced family law for seventeen years. During that time, she handled contentious custody and child support cases, as well as cases involving complex property and alimony issues. 

Sharri obtained her divorce coaching certification through the CDC College for Divorce Coaching® and as the owner of Potomac Coaching, LLC, she works with clients all over the country providing personal divorce guidance and support. Her most recent certification, is the title of Certified Mind Magic Master Practitioner, (CMMMP).


A Deep Dive Into Income-Producing Real Estate (Ep. 6)

In real estate, investors have three main ways to gain profit: growth, income, or a combination of both. And each of these has different strategies to make the investment promising.

Thus, it’s essential to explain how they function, and this time we focus on the income segment.

In this episode, Stephen Rosen highlights how investing in the income-producing segment of real estate works across various types of properties and why it’s a favorite at Hightower Bethesda. Along with this, Stephen shares why having illiquidity in your assets can be beneficial at times of uncertainty.

Stephen discusses:

  • The different types of income-producing real estate, what he prefers and why
  • The risks of publicly traded real estate and why it can be risky
  • The benefits of hard versus intangible assets when dealing with market volatility
  • How choosing this segment of real estate can offset rising interest rates and inflation 
  • And more

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Is Real Estate in Your Portfolio? (Ep. 5)

With real estate, there are different ways to get into the market and various points to consider before investing.

In this episode, Stephen Rosen talks about the strategies, preferences, and relevant factors he takes into account before investing in property and how he uses it to expand the portfolios he manages. Stephen also provides important details about the current market for rental properties and how different segments have shifted the demand in the last couple of years.

Stephen discusses:

  • The benefits of real estate investment
  • Why he prefers investing in private funds rather than the publicly traded REITs
  • The tax benefits that exist in real estate
  • Investing in properties for growth and/or income
  • And more

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How To Best Support Your Kids During The Divorce Process With Jill Kaufman (Ep. 9)

Figuring out the right things to say to your kids when you are going through a divorce can be extremely challenging. What they are ultimately looking for is some reassurance that everything is going to be okay. 

In this episode, Leah Jones is joined by Jill Kaufman, a licensed therapist, divorce coach, author and co-parenting expert. Oftentimes with divorce there are blurred lines as to what details to share with your children and how to approach the tough conversations that need to be had in order to move forward. Thankfully, Jill Kaufman has all the answers, saving you from repeating common mistakes that can lead to a child feeling isolated and unheard.

Jill discusses:

  • What details to uncover in the first divorce conversation with your children
  • When is a good time to check-in on your kids post-divorce 
  • What details you should avoid discussing to save your children from picking sides
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Jill Kaufman: In addition to being a Divorce Coach, Licensed Therapist, and Parent Educator, Jill is also a trained Divorce Mediator, was on the Speaker’s Bureau of Parents Anonymous and founded Female, a support and advocacy group for mothers. She has worked with many people who are going through a divorce. Jill has taught the Redirecting Children’s Behavior parenting class for over 20 years.  She is an experienced and sought after speaker. ​

JIll Kaufman is warm, supportive, non-judgmental and motivating. With compassion and understanding gained from experience, she helps clients get through difficult and overwhelming situations and discover new ways to resolve a variety of challenges created through divorce and bring more happiness and peace into their lives.

Dating After Divorce with Michelle Jacoby (Ep. 8)

Just because you got divorced doesn’t mean you’ll never find love again.

Michelle Jacoby, a dating-after-divorce specialist, believes you can have another amazing love, and even marriage.

In this episode, Leah Jones is joined by Michelle, a dating coach and professional matchmaker, to discuss her advice and tips for women dating post-divorce as outlined in her book Never Waste Time On The Wrong Man Again!

Michelle and Leah discuss:

  • How Michelle’s own divorce kick-started her career as a professional matchmaker 
  • Common mistakes women make when dating after divorce (and how to avoid them)
  • Setting boundaries and following them when you start dating 
  • Dating as a single parent, and the importance of choosing a partner who ‘blends into your family’
  • What it means to put yourself out there and doing the work to get what you want
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Michelle Jacoby is a certified matchmaker, dating and relationship coach, and the owner of DC Matchmaking: a boutique matchmaking and coaching company for commitment-minded singles in the Washington, DC Area that was founded in 2009. Michelle has successfully coached and matched hundreds of happily married couples!

Michelle is a leader in the matchmaking industry. She was voted Best Matchmaker in the U.S. at the 2017 iDate Awards and awarded finalist for Best Matchmaker and/or Best Dating Coach in the industry in 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2020. Michelle has been featured in The Washington Post, Bethesda Magazine, WUSA Channel 9, News Channel 8 – Let’s Talk Live, WJLA Good Morning Washington, NBC Washington, Huffington Post, ABC, FOX, Newsy, NPR, and more. Her articles have appeared in Self, Washington Life Magazine, YourTango.com, ThoughtCatalog.com, The Mind’s Journal, Yahoo, EHarmony Advice, and many more.

Empowering Your Divorce By Building a Community (Ep. 7)

Divorcing as a parent can be very difficult.

Dealing with the legal requirements, plus all of the transitions of going from a co-parent to a single-parent can feel overwhelming and emotionally draining.

But having a community of like-minded people that you can trust and rely on can help you through those tough situations.

In this episode, Leah Jones speaks to Michelle Dempsey-Multack, author, divorce coach and certified divorce specialist who works with women at all stages of their divorce and helps them join a community to connect with other women in similar situations.

Michelle and Leah discuss:

  • Michelle’s ‘why’ and the reason she is passionate about helping women through their divorce
  • The most important resources to help you through your divorce
  • The Mom’s Moving On community and how women support each other through the virtual community
  • What a divorce coach is and how they can help you through difficult situations
  • And more


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Collaborative Divorce 101 (Ep. 6)

Divorce is by definition, not done alone. 

However, the question may be, how do you collaborate on a split?

It’s all about your mindset as you enter divorce proceedings. If there’s a willingness to work with your spouse in a way that will allow for constructive resolutions, you will be able to separate in a more peaceful way. 

In this episode, Leah Jones speaks to divorce attorney Melissa Goodstein, who focuses on alternative dispute resolutions, namely mediation and collaborative divorce. Leah and Melissa discuss the ins and outs of collaborative divorce, the benefits and when it may not be an option, and the difference between mediation and collaboration. 

Leah and Melissa discuss:

  • How collaborative divorce is possible 
  • The three reasons why collaborative process may not be an option
  • The difference between mediation and collaboration in divorce
  • The financial implications of divorce
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Melissa Goodstein graduated from Brandeis University with a B.A. and high honors in both American Studies and European Cultural Studies in 1987. She received her J.D. degree from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in 1990 where she served as an editor of the Journal of International Law.

In 1992, she completed mediation training and in 1993 started a private practice specializing in divorce mediation with offices in Westchester and New York City. In 2003 Melissa received training in collaborative law and in 2005 was trained in the interdisciplinary collaborative team model.

Melissa practices exclusively within the mediation and collaborative divorce models.  Her practice is located in Katonah, New York serving clients throughout Westchester County and Putnam County and the surrounding New York metropolitan area.

Melissa is a member of the New York State Council of Divorce Mediation, the Greater New York Council of Family and Divorce, the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals and the International Association of Collaborative Professionals. She is also a member in good standing of the Westchester Women’s Bar Association and has completed advanced training in both mediation and collaborative practice.

In accordance with a 2019 initiative, ADR (alternative dispute resolution) is now mandated for most court actions in the New York State judicial system. In alignment with her dedication to ADR, Melissa serves on the mediation panel and Roster of Mediators for the 9th Judicial District in the following courts: Westchester County Supreme Court Matrimonial Part, Putnam County Supreme Court Matrimonial Part, Putnam Surrogate’s Court and Bronx Surrogate’s Court.

Melissa is passionate about providing the best possible support for all her clients and is an advocate of alternative healing techniques such as chiropractic, yoga and meditation to help support her clients during the divorce process. She believes that healing from the inside out is instrumental in achieving a good divorce and a transition to a new life.