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2. Introducing Clients To Alternative Investments

Getting clients to understand and buy into alternative investments is a huge part of the process of including this asset class in your overall portfolio.

In this episode, Stephen Rosen explains how he does what he does. Stephen walks us through what the experience is like for a customer reaching out to him for the first time, and explains how a first and second meeting is conducted. Stephen also shares how he introduces clients to alternative investments and helps them understand the objective of including them in their portfolio.

Stephen discusses:

  • What a client can expect when first contacting his team
  • What the first meeting is like and why it’s important to Stephen to have couples on the same page
  • How Stephen introduces clients to alternative investments
  • And more

Connect With Stephen:

1. Meet Stephen Rosen, AIF®, CEPA®

Do you invest your money strictly in stocks and bonds? If so, it’s time to change that. 

Welcome to Approach Investing Differently with Stephen Rosen, AIF®, CEPA® from Hightower Bethesda!

In this episode, get to know Stephen Rosen AIF®, CEPA® as he shares why he is passionate about alternative investments like hedge funds, private equity and real estate. He describes his ideal client, and explains why client education is so important when it comes to alternative investing—and how he does it.

Stephen discusses:

  • Why he feels that investors should consider alternative investments like private equity, hedge funds and real estate
  • The educational approach of his practice as it relates to alternatives
  • His investment philosophy
  • And more

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