Exploring the Depths of Private Equity Investing (Ep. 9)

In the last episode, Stephen Rosen gave an introduction to the basics of private equity investing, the benefits, risks, and the reasons many investors prefer this space.

Now it’s time to get into more detail.

In this episode, Stephen explains the 4 stages of investing in private equity and the risks and benefits related to each stage. Additionally, he details how investors maximize their returns depending on the stage. 

Stephen discusses:

  • The different stages of private equity investing 
  • What motivates investors to participate in a company’s processes
  • The concept of vintage in private equity investing
  • Benefits of investing between fundraising  rounds
  • The benefits and risks that late investors have to take when investing in private companies
  • Who are the main investors in private equity investing
  • The importance of working with reputable private equity managers
  • And more!


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