A Detailed Analysis of Private Credit Investing (Ep. 10)

In recent years we have seen the risks associated with investing in assets that have a very high correlation with the publicly traded markets.

In response, many investors have sought out a safe space with low volatility or none at all.

We have discussed private equities, but what other options are there available?

In this episode, Stephen Rosen delves into the world of private credit investing. He explains how it can be a safe haven during times of market volatility and offers insight into the best times to invest. Stephen also shares the different types of investments available in the private credit space and the importance of working with experienced fund managers.

Stephen discusses:

  • Basics of private credit and how market volatility has a lower impact on it
  • The importance of participating in investments individually or with a small group of investors rather than syndicated deals
  • Who can access private credit investing and the economic scenario in which is more beneficial to invest
  • Types of private credit investments with their associated risks and benefits
  • The importance of conducting the proper research before investing in private credit
  • And more

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