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An Introduction to Private Equity (Ep. 8)

When it comes to investing, there are many options available.

This time the focus is on private companies with great growth potential and what we should take into consideration before investing.

In this episode, Stephen Rosen provides an overview of the private equity space, including its advantages and risks. Additionally, Stephen explains what private credit is and how it helps investment firms obtain funds.

Stephen discusses:

  • The concept of private equity and how it differentiates from investing in a publicly traded company
  • How important is it for investors to have patience in this type of investing 
  • The reason why the number of publicly traded companies has decreased over the years
  • Why most companies prefer to stay private for longer periods of time
  • The importance for investors to handle illiquidity 
  • How working with top-tier managers can be beneficial
  • Private credits and why many private investors rely on them
  • And more!

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