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How to Improve Your Mindset After a Divorce with Certified Divorce Coach Sharri Freedman (Ep. 10)

Divorce is a form of trauma, and this can cause your mind and body to go into stress mode by default.

So how can you help your body and mind work together to de-stress and thrive after a divorce?

In this week’s episode, Leah Jones will be joined by Sharri Freedman to address the key components to successfully move forward before, during, and after divorce. 

As a Certified Divorce Coach and Certified Mind Magic Master Practitioner (CMMMP) 

Sharri will be sharing her legal wisdom and experience with thought work and mind body connection all with a trauma informed approach.

Sharri will discuss:

  • How mind magic can help clients improve communication and heal
  • The tools listeners can use to thrive after the trauma of a divorce
  •  Why she decided to become a CMMMP, what it is and how its helps her clients move forward before or after a divorce
  • The connection between mind, body and grief after a divorce and how listeners can improve their new norm
  • ….And so much more!


  • Potomac Coaching, LLC

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About Our Guest:

Sharri Freedman received her Juris Doctorate from The American University, Washington College of Law and her BA from Tulane University, Newcomb College. She is Licensed to practice law in both Maryland and D.C., and has practiced family law for seventeen years. During that time, she handled contentious custody and child support cases, as well as cases involving complex property and alimony issues. 

Sharri obtained her divorce coaching certification through the CDC College for Divorce Coaching® and as the owner of Potomac Coaching, LLC, she works with clients all over the country providing personal divorce guidance and support. Her most recent certification, is the title of Certified Mind Magic Master Practitioner, (CMMMP).