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A Deep Dive Into Income-Producing Real Estate (Ep. 6)

In real estate, investors have three main ways to gain profit: growth, income, or a combination of both. And each of these has different strategies to make the investment promising.

Thus, it’s essential to explain how they function, and this time we focus on the income segment.

In this episode, Stephen Rosen highlights how investing in the income-producing segment of real estate works across various types of properties and why it’s a favorite at Hightower Bethesda. Along with this, Stephen shares why having illiquidity in your assets can be beneficial at times of uncertainty.

Stephen discusses:

  • The different types of income-producing real estate, what he prefers and why
  • The risks of publicly traded real estate and why it can be risky
  • The benefits of hard versus intangible assets when dealing with market volatility
  • How choosing this segment of real estate can offset rising interest rates and inflation 
  • And more

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