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An In-depth Look at Real Estate Growth Investing (Ep. 7)

There are two ways to invest in real estate: for income or for growth.

When we talk about investing for growth, there may be many unknowns about the risk, the return that these can have, and how to execute them to maximize returns.

In this episode, Stephen Rosen continues the discussion on why investing in private real estate is so valuable to an investor’s portfolio, this time focusing on the growth type of investing and explaining some fundamental aspects like risks and strategies involved.

Stephen discusses:

  • The several ways to approach a growth strategy in real estate investing
  • Why growth shouldn’t always be associated with high levels of risk
  • The importance of patience for general land developments
  • Examples of properties that had to be redeveloped for a more lucrative use
  • The power of re-energizing a used or old property
  • High-interest rates making income investing less attractive 
  • And more!

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