BONUS EPISODE: Military Divorce with Kate Reese

In this episode, Leah Jones, Director of Financial Planning for Hightower Bethesda, speaks with Kate Reese about military divorce, addressing anyone who is considering or going through a divorce that includes someone who is or has been a member of the military. They discuss things to consider such as the documents and resources you’ll need to collect and how to approach the division of assets.

“You just pick your battles. Run the numbers and see what the numbers look like… It’s just a choice that you have to make. Just need to be informed and it’s got to have the tax component considered.” -Kate Reese [28:59]

What You Will Learn:

  • Meet Kate
  • Who the podcast refers to in regards to military divorce
  • Documents and resources needed to collect
  • Military pension benefits and other income considerations
  • Ways to think about dividing assets
  • Steps to finalize everything
  • Other things to know and consider
  • How to contact Kate

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Phone number: (703) 279-5140