BONUS EPISODE: Financial Implications During A Divorce When the Woman is the Primary Bread Winner with Heather Hostetter

Meet Heather Hostetter, she is a family law attorney located in Bethesda Maryland with a long list of awards and a partner at Hostetter Strent. This is a domestic relations law that deals with divorce, property distribution, alimony, custody, and child support.

In this episode, Leah speaks with Heather about the process of property distribution during a divorce primarily with alimony and child support when the woman is the main breadwinner.

Listen in to learn the difference between alimony and child support and why they both exist. You will also learn why as a woman; you need to think hard before entering a legal marriage and what to consider before and during the marriage in terms of finances and support.

What you will learn:

  • The factors that come into play before the court awards alimony during a divorce and the types that exist.
  • She explains why it’s difficult for the fault to play part in alimony.
  • The factors that determine how the length of the marriage affects the alimony.
  • The difference between paying alimony and child support and how women breadwinners react to it.
  • She explains the legal consequences of an ending marriage and understanding them beforehand.
  • The alimony negotiations process and what the court has the power to do and not do.
  • How both women and men react to the issue of alimony during a divorce.
  • How child support is calculated and its relationship to alimony.
  • She explains how the child support money is divided to make sure it caters to children.
  • The importance of having a conversation before and during a marriage about the roles of both partners.
  • The purpose of thinking hard as a woman before getting married and understanding the consequences and whether you can live with them.

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