BONUS EPISODE: Is Amicable Divorce Possible w/ Regina DeMeo

In this episode, Leah Jones, Director of Financial Planning for Hightower Bethesda, talks to Regina DeMeo, a family law attorney. Regina has worked with family law issues for 22 years, serving her clients to make divorce easier and more cost-effective as they work towards a resolution. She shares what an amicable divorce looks like and the difference between mediation and a collaborative approach. She also discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the process.

“If you can’t sit in that meeting and sort of have a clear mind, you shouldn’t be making legal decisions that are going to impact the rest of your life or the rest of your kids’ lives. Someone’s really got to be in a good emotional place and have a pretty good understanding of the issues that we’re about to discuss.” -Regina DeMeo

What You Will Learn:

  • If it possible to have an amicable divorce
  • What does an amicable divorce looks like
  • Mediation vs collaborative approach
  • The difference in costs
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic affects divorce process
  • Why you should look at divorce as an investment and preversing good will

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