BONUS EPISODE: Financial Literacy and Transparency in Marriage and Divorce

Meet Meg McKenny, the former founding partner of Delaney McKinney and recently founded McKinney Figini. She has over 27 years of experience practicing family law and is sought after for her negotiations, trial skills, and has made integrity and reliability central facets of her legal practice.

In this episode, Leah is joined by Meg McKinney as she explores the topic of financial literacy and transparency in marriage and divorce. She dives deep into the process she as a family lawyer takes couples through to educate them on how to manage their financial situations.

Listen in to learn the importance of having an open mind when considering a prenup agreement before marriage. You will also learn how divorce law works in the state of Maryland.

What you will learn:

  • How she helps couples understand their financial situation during a divorce process- how the now and the future looks like for their finances.
  • How a client’s tax return shows their financial situation and the process that follows after examining it.
  • She describes the interview she conducts with clients to determine their financial literacy and why they need to get their own credit report.
  • The red flags that show a lack of financial transparency with a client.
  • The importance of financial literacy in marriage and ways in which people hide money with or without leaving footprints.
  • The difficulty of splitting income when supporting two households.
  • The importance of understanding your partner’s financial goals and expectations in marriage through a prenup- making sure you’re reading on the same page.
  • Divorce law in Maryland- understanding how credit card debt and business ownership works.
  • Meg shares her two favorite books that offer help with marriage and relationship management.

Books Mentioned:

  • The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work- John M. Gottman
  • Marriageology: The Art and Science of Staying Together- Belinda Luscombe

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