Divorcing A Narcissist With Allison Dagney (Ep. 2)

Divorce is never easy, but divorcing a narcissist poses additional challenges and things you need to be aware of as you make your way through the process.

In this episode, Leah Jones is joined by Allison Dagney, an alias used to protect both her and her children, is the author of When Tears Leave Scars. Allison joins the podcast to share about her experience dealing with emotional abuse and how she managed to escape a traumatic marriage.

Allison discusses:

  • The concept of love bombing
  • Signs that you are in a relationship with a narcissist 
  • Why planning was key to getting out of her traumatic marriage
  • Why reaching out to a financial professional can help women with divorce where their partner controls the money
  • How Allison handled the divorce while managing her kids wellbeing
  • And more


When Tears Leave Scars – By Allison Dagney

Connect With Leah:

About Our Guest:

Allison Dagney lives in the midwest of the United States with her three children and their beloved  rescue dog. Allison never aspired to be an author, but her love of writing paired with an inspirational story, was the perfect recipe to expose hidden emotional abuse. In this gripping true life story, Allison aims to shed light into the darkest areas of abusive relationships while giving victims of abuse a beacon of hope and a roadmap for healing.