Empowering Your Divorce By Building a Community (Ep. 7)

Divorcing as a parent can be very difficult.

Dealing with the legal requirements, plus all of the transitions of going from a co-parent to a single-parent can feel overwhelming and emotionally draining.

But having a community of like-minded people that you can trust and rely on can help you through those tough situations.

In this episode, Leah Jones speaks to Michelle Dempsey-Multack, author, divorce coach and certified divorce specialist who works with women at all stages of their divorce and helps them join a community to connect with other women in similar situations.

Michelle and Leah discuss:

  • Michelle’s ‘why’ and the reason she is passionate about helping women through their divorce
  • The most important resources to help you through your divorce
  • The Mom’s Moving On community and how women support each other through the virtual community
  • What a divorce coach is and how they can help you through difficult situations
  • And more


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